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Hi! I'm Shona

I am a passionate lactation consultant and breastfeeding expert, dedicated to helping mums and babies navigate their sometimes-tricky breastfeeding journey.

My style of supporting mums and bubs, through what can be a scary and emotional time, is based on practical, safe guidance and evidence.

I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC®) since 2011, meaning I am a certified health professional and expert in the management of breastfeeding and human lactation.

I chose to commit myself to support mums on their breastfeeding path after a rocky start with my firstborn, then learning “what to do” with my second baby, coaching other mums as a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor, and then taking the big step of moving into the world of lactation consultancy.

The methods I recommend are backed by evidence, they’re gentle for both mum and baby and they’re designed to allow both to thrive through their breastfeeding journey.

Every baby is unique and every mum’s experience with breastfeeding is different, so whether you are just starting out breastfeeding and finding it challenging and painful, or if you’re further along and have hit a "speed bump" that you need help with, I will listen to your story and your goals to create a personalised plan that best supports you and your baby.

You can consult with me in my clinic room (at The Family Wellbeing Hub at Ashmore), or we can arrange an in-home visit (so you don’t have to go anywhere), or we can even talk via telehealth. Our session is private, safe and I will do everything to make you and your baby feel comfortable and calm.

I’m looking forward to helping you find your happy feed!

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