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For Newborn Babies

Newborn babies present breastfeeding challenges for both first-time mums and seasoned mums because every baby is different! If you're struggling in any way, I can help you, including with:

  • difficulty latching on (positioning and attaching)

  • colic/reflux/unsettled babies

  • tongue ties and lip ties

  • concerns about growth/weight gain

  • breast refusal or fussiness

  • use of nipple shields

  • expressing/pumping

  • mixed feeding methods

For Mums

If your birth experience was less than ideal, you have underlying health issues or you don’t feel ‘right’ breastfeeding, I can help you find your happy feed! If you experience any of the following, please get in touch:

  • sore/cracked nipples

  • painful breastfeeding

  • mastitis, blocked ducts or breast pain

  • low milk supply or oversupply

  • breastfeeding after breast reduction or augmentation (implants)

  • relactation or inducing lactation

As Baby Grows

As your baby grows, your breastfeeding journey will evolve and new challenges may present themselves. Even if you’ve had a great start to breastfeeding, issues can arise that are confusing or that you'd like support with. I can help you navigate through your options when it comes to:

  • baby sleep issues

  • changes to feeding patterns

  • concerns about growth/weight gain

  • expressing/pumping

  • mixed feeding methods

  • returning to work/study while breastfeeding

  • weaning/stopping breastfeeding gently

  • breastfeeding past 1 year

  • tandem feeding (when a new baby comes along)

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