I reached out to Shona when I believed that my breast feeding journey was coming to end. My 6-week-old baby was not putting on weight and I was being told a different reason each time I saw a different person – including that my breast implants were impacting breastfeeding, that my baby couldn’t suck properly, that my latch was bad and that my baby would just not be able to be breast fed. The moment I met Shona I knew she was the person for us. She gave me back the confidence that had been crushed and gave me advice and help to improve my latch and positioning of baby. I instantly fed better and fell back in love with breastfeeding. In the two weeks I saw Shona my baby put on 450g. This was the most she had gained in a fortnight since birth. I no longer have anxiety or stress with breastfeeding. Saying that Shona was a life saver is an understatement. I love the support she provided via phone with any questions that I had. I cannot recommend Shona highly enough and wish I had seen her sooner.


I can honestly say that if I hadn't met Shona I highly doubt I would still be breastfeeding my baby today. I was so close to giving up and now I am so glad that I persevered and got the help that I needed.
I also loved the fact that Shona could come to my house (the comfort of my own home) where my daughter was in her own environment. It meant I didn't have to try and get out of the house with a newborn. I felt comfortable to feed her whilst Shona supported and guided me through how I was attaching her and gently advised on ways to assist with her feeding.
Sometimes it all feels too much but if you can seek the right help from the start it will make for a very happy mummy and an even happier, content baby. I am so thankful that I met Shona. I can highly recommend her to any new mum.


Shona really was a lifesaver. She set the wheels in motion to get the lip and tongue tie that she picked up sorted out which immediately fixed his latch. She then worked closely with me to try and get my supply back up. She was always available for a chat and to check on me and she provided that positivity I needed when it all seemed too hard. Her knowledge and enthusiasm is just what I needed. I can't recommend her highly enough and urge anyone having any sort of issues to get in touch with her.


Shona is a true professional and genuinely wants to see mothers and babies enjoying the close relationship that breastfeeding affords them. I would recommend Shona to anyone struggling to breastfeed their child. She got us off on the right foot and I am forever grateful.

The Lansom Family

Shona was an absolute blessing to me and my family after the birth of my first born.  I had a lot of trouble with attachment and supply and was feeling very overwhelmed, made worse by a case of the baby blues and anxiety with the looming fear of my husband going back to work. 

As a last-ditch attempt before giving up, I got in contact with Shona. It was without a doubt the best thing I have ever done; I immediately felt calmer, more relaxed and like I knew help had arrived when she walked through my door. Her professionalism, her understanding, her abundance of knowledge and most of all her true passion and desire to help was unbelievable! 

After just a few moments of Shona being with me, my boy had latched on for the first time. It was truly a magical and emotional moment, which almost never happened but for Shona’s assistance. Shona’s continuous support and caring has been amazing, so much so, that words are not enough to describe the thanks I have for her. Thank you, Shona for everything you have done.


By six weeks I had had enough of expressing and decided I really needed help and needed someone to come to my home as it was just too hard to visit an external location when you have a crying baby wanting food…

Shona talked me though the baby-led attachment process and she explained the natural way a baby uses his instincts to find the nipple and we tried the method. WOW, my nipple was still damaged but when my baby latched on it didn’t hurt at all. It was the best feeling to finally be able to enjoy breastfeeding after more than 6 weeks of pain, expressing and sleepless nights. I just wished I had called Shona right from the beginning, she was a life saver.

Thank you Shona, I now absolutely love being able to bond and give my little guy the best start in life!

Update from Odette...Hi Shona, Just wanted to say thank you for the great start to my little boy's life, without your help I don't believe he would have had such a healthy start. He's one today and has his first cold (at daycare now :-) ), can't beat the benefits of BF that's for sure. Thanks again x

Odette (who had early breastfeeding issues and had been exclusively expressing)

Ben is 9 weeks old now and I am finally breastfeeding only. It has been like that for the last two weeks and Ben is doing great. He put on 600gms during that period (300gms each week). Even the child health nurse was very impressed, considering that I have breast implants (with the surgery involving repositioning the nipples). I can only thank you for this. I am sure that if it wasn't because of you it would not have happened. I don't even know how to thank you enough. Thanks, thanks, thanks.